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My blog is about to get real Dune-y, folks. Been capping and editing shots from both the Dune and Children of Dune miniseries.

It’s a little over ten years since CoD graced our screens and looking back, I wish SyFy would go back to the miniseries format. Better story-telling and the costume and set design was gorgeous.


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Basic premise:

Set in a slightly alternate universe, everyone carries a red light on a chain around their neck, a metaphor for “the norm”. In conversation, the light is placed in the right hand and held out, palm upwards, a social etiquette of said universe. Said light, is also visible in the eyewear/masks that everyone wears, giving a sense of dissociation as their eyes are not visible (a distance that could be noted in the modern world with the human race’s disconnect as we delve further into social media, our phones and never looking up to converse). Somebody from outside the box reveals their light pendant to their implied family or friendship unit - it’s blue, representing a difference, not of “the norm”. They are regarded with disgust and treated with disappointment and cast out.

This person is shown in front of the “writing on the wall”, or passing it, along with shots of a city.

Elsewhere others are introduced who also carry the blue light and they pass like ships in the night, their light pendants hidden away. These (possibly two) others are seen passing eachother at the wall at various points, both with the same background of being cast out. A blue light is seen in the sky(/top of a building?) at the end above the place where the three of them eventually meet, the last shot of the video is an overhead shot of the three of them holding their hands out, 3 blue lights in a circle, smiles of relief and familiarity.

The video could be seen as a metaphor for LGBT issues, in the same way as Jimmy Eat World’s My Best Theory was a commentary on DADT.

Target Audience:
Anybody who enjoys the music of Mankind Is Obsolete.

The underpass.
Festival Place car park rooftops.
The bridge connecting from the car park.


Ideally three young people as “the different” (perhaps having one somewhat older). Two female, one male?

A group of faceless people as the social crowd/family that casts them out. 


- All black clothes, goggles, slightly steampunk/cyberpunk elements. 
- LEDs, rope lights, other? 
- Cameras (HD) TBD, lighting (battery powered for on location - LED wall box.

Music intended:

Mankind Is Obsolete’s Writing On The Wall. Waiting on permission from the band due to a Kickstarter campaign that may clash.

Permission Needed On Location:

Unsure as yet. Public spaces like Festival Place may require permission.


HD, monochrome.





Excessive bird-flipping is a side effect of Celiac Disease.

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