My new axe has no strings! #Keytar #Alesis #Vortex #synthsglorioussynths


Hey gang (yeah I know no one reads this blog, I was just making conversation). I actually DID run out of pictures of Kim in t-shirts after about a year. But saw this one today from Lollapalooza ‘94 and BEHOLD…t-shirt.

That’s a level of smile not oft seen these days (in public) I gotta say. She could be a real heart-stopper.

If that’s Kelley someone should slap me, but I’m 99% sure. 

Never seen this photo before! It’s a great one, and a very valid point. Kim seems uber-sage these days. (At least one of the non-Breeders is in Luscious Jackson - Josephine’s then-girlfriend…?)

I love this blog. It has a wealth of rare and favourite photos of Kim and the Breeders and I know I always smile when I see a new post pop-up.

New Cobra tip. Purdy. #Kangertech #Protank #Vape #Vaping #Monochrome

You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, Kal. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.

My new ink - “hope” in #ManOfSteel Kryptonian with many thanks & eternal gratitude to the marvelous @C_Schreyer for help with the translation. :) She created the language for the cinematic universe - previous versions have been mostly transliteral whereas this new Kryptonian is a whole new unique and rich language. Honored to have a little piece of history on my arm. :)



Europe to the rest of the world


Rest of the World




What I do. #AdobeAudition #MusicStudio #Logik

Definitely how I’m taking to work. “NUMBERS!”


Flight - Man of Steel by Vincent Rhafael Aseo / Tumblr

The beautiful United States of America